Chemistry Laboratory

The composition of the samples such as mortars, plasters, stones and bricks used in historical buildings, the properties of the aggregates and binders of mortars and plasters as well as their ratios are determined by the following tests and analyses.

  • Loss on Ignition (Calcination) Analysis
  • Acid Attack Analysis
  • Sieve Analysis0
  • Soluble Salt Spot Tests and Measurement of Conductivity
  • Protein and Fat Spot Tests


  • WinLab Data Conductometer
  • WinLab Data Ph Meter
  • Extech MO210 Moisture Meter
  • Retsch AS-200 Sieve Shaker

Apart from these instruments, various equipments such as precision scale, drying oven, muffle furnace, ultrasonic bath, magnetic stirrer/heater and heating mantles are also present.