Petrography Laboratory

The microscopic identification of natural rocks, building materials such as mortars, plasters, bricks, concrete and stones, other types of materials such as textile fibers and paints is performed. Within this scope,

  • The binder-aggregate ratios, aggregate types, mineral content and textural properties of mortar and plaster samples,
  • The mineral content, textural properties and additives of bricks,
  • The mineralogical compositions, textural properties and alteration products (if present) of rocks,
  • The layer thickness and pigment types of paints,
  • The dimensions and surface properties of textile fibers,

are determined.



  • Nikon SMZ1000 Stereo Microscope
  • Nikon Eclipse 50iPOL Polarizing Microscope
  • Forcipol 300-1V Grinding and Polishing Machine
  • Geoform Precision Thin Sectioning Instrument